Automobile shock absorber tower

Research and development system

The company is committed to the research and development of automotive parts and manufacturing, the main products are high pressure die casting parts, low pressure casting parts, aluminum processing parts, etc

In order to accelerate the market layout in the field of new energy vehicles and strengthen the development of new energy three-power system and new energy body structural parts, the R&D department collaborates with major Oems to carry out innovative development and optimization from key technologies such as materials, connection technology, product structure optimization, mold design, die casting technology and processing technology. To ensure that Hawei maintains its leading position in the industry.

The company conducts business with new energy leading enterprises, Japan's Denso, Magna, Germany's continental, Germany's ZF and other auto manufacturers or the world's top 100 companies in the auto parts industry. The products are delivered to 56 cities in 22 countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

Automobile shock absorber tower
Research and development
+Synchronous design and development
+Product structure optimization
+Independent mold design and production
Mode flow analysis